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Fireflies and Pre-K

My Buttercups are the littlest ones, aged 6 to thirty-six months.  We focus on language development activities, including songs, rhymes and finger plays.  We expand vocabulary and communication skills using these methods.  We work on developing gross and fine motor skills.  Basic concepts such as memory skills and problem-solving using art projects, sensory activities, exploration and dramatic play are introduced.  We explore relationships, self awareness and self regulation.

Fireflies are aged 3 to five years old.   We expand on the skills presented to the Buttercups and begin kindergarten preparation.  My Pre-K group is busy preparing to be big Kindies!  We focus on all the skills required for kindergarten and beyond!

Jitterbugs are aged five and up.  These kiddos are school-aged and attend childcare during school breaks and after school.  Learning activities are determined by the child's age and grade in school.


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